5 Reasons To Choose Smart Home Security

Smart home security and automation is advancing, and it’s now the leading, modern choice to protect you home and family’s safety and security.

With a domestic burglary taking place every minute in the UK, more people than ever feel unsafe in their homes, and more wish that they could monitor their homes around the clock. Smart home security makes 24/7 monitoring a reality, along with other useful smart features and benefits that make daily life flow more smoothly.

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What is smart home security and automation and why should you be interested?

Smart home technology refers to home appliances that have artificial intelligence, inter-connectivity with other appliances, or the ability to control, monitor or track.

Once a novel idea in futuristic films and TV of decades-gone-by like The Jetsons, smart home technology is now becoming a reality in our modern lives with the options to track, personalise and control beyond anything we ever thought possible.

What will the best home security system do for you?

1. Protect against intruders with heightened security.

Gone are the days of the run-of-the-mill burglar alarms. Enhance your home security with video recording cameras, motion sensors, smart door locks, entry and door window sensors, a video-monitored doorbell, sirens, alarms and more. You can even personalise LED lightbulbs to glow a particular colour if your security system is breached.

Ex-offenders have said that burglars are more likely to avoid targeting a property if they can see a visible security system. Deter unwanted intruders with an alarm box or dummy fixed to the outside of your home.

With video monitoring, you’ll be able to identify someone suspicious on your property, whether you’re home or away with live feeds, saved recordings and tracking remotely.

2. Avoid gas leaks, fire and flood with features that improve your safety.

There are approximately 50 deaths, and 4,000 hospital visits from carbon monoxide poisoning every year (according to the Office for National Statistics in a 2016 report).

Carbon monoxide sensors, gas sensors, smoke sensors and flood sensors will monitor substances in your home detecting and alerting you to possible leakages, then gas and water shut off valves work to stop disasters in their tracks. Your smart home safety system keeps working 24/7 so you are covered even when you’re sleeping.

3. Have peace of mind knowing your family is taken care of.

Taking care of the people closest to you is paramount. Smart home security is particularly handy for looking after vulnerable family members.

Elderly family members sometimes need a little extra support. You can set reminders for them so Alexa acts as a personal assistant to remind them to take their medication or pop a video monitor in their living room as a way to check in on them or even protect them from unwanted callers with doorbell video monitoring.

You can also monitor your children, whether as a baby monitor or just keeping an eye on young children that can’t keep their hands out the sweet cupboard. Whether at home or away, take care of your family and get those little ‘ahh’ moments with those app alerts that Mum’s tucked up in bed, or the children are home from school and raiding the biscuit tin. (Although, you don’t need the app to tell you the latter – call it a sixth sense?)

4. Cut your energy bills and save money.

Smart home appliances work to optimise energy efficiency at all times. Smart appliances not only self-learn your individual routines but have adjustable settings of which you can control remotely from anywhere, at any time. This, combined with each appliance’s artificial intelligence ability to send data between one another, means that lighting, temperature, and overall ambience can be controlled instantly or on a schedule to suit the time, mood or individual requirements.

All energy can be switched off in rooms that aren’t being used, but then switched back on accordingly, in advance of your arrival home, or when the motion sensors pick up your movement in the room.

Back from work and hands full of shopping bags? Open your door from the car with a touch of the button on your app. Once you arrive through the front door, your lights will come on to light your way to the kitchen. Your heating and cooking playlist in the kitchen will switch on as you enter so you’re free to focus tonight’s dinner. 

Perhaps your teenager has left their straighteners on (again!), switch them off with a touch of the button on the app remotely from your smartphone, even if you’re at work. Practical and comfortable!

5. An easier and more convenient life.

Let’s face it, we’re all busy nowadays – never-ending to-do lists and constantly on the go – but smart home technology eases some of that pressure by allowing all those small daily tasks to be automated in the background working to make your home life that little bit easier. Worrying about the small details can become a thing of the past with the ability to monitor and change any aspect of your smart home remotely from your smartphone.

Smart home security and automation takes care of home and family safety and security plus ensures that your appliances operate with more efficiency leaving you more time to focus on what really matters.


Find out how smart home security and automation can work for your home. Enquire now for a chat and free no obligation quote.

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