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Set your own labour charges

As an experienced installer you know how much your work and time is worth. So when it comes to negotiating prices and arranges finance packages, you’re in control.

With there is no fixed price package for installers, you charge what you see fit to each job and choose the size of your profit.

Finance packages for customers

Some customers prefer to use a larger company for their variety of finance agreements which can lighten the large bill for their customers. With you can offer the same as national brands and arrange flexible finance options that are most convenient to your customer.

finance options available
manage your own finances

Credit account

Appliances are ordered through the portal meaning you never have to pay for parts up front.

create your own database

Online diary management

Control your installations with the touch of a button with the installation portal.

create your customer accounts

Online customer account

Keep each customer account in order to know where they are in their installation journey.

virtually design your central heating system

Online central heating design software

With our customer planner you can take your customer step-by-step through their home and add their brand-new central heating system via our specialist CAD designer, here you can take the time to go through the size and appearance of the customers home and where they would like their new central heating system to be placed.

On the other hand, if you have a customer who doesn’t require such a large installation or re-design you can simply take them through our fast-track system, answering a variety of simple questions in regards to their property all in a matter of seconds.

Longer warranties on a variety of boiler brands

Smaller businesses are unable to secure long term warranties with boiler manufacturers, as work with a variety of top boiler manufacturers your customer can be safe in the knowledge that they benefit from up to 10 years warranty on all partner brands.